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After Bottles: Second Lives
Spring '18

After Bottles: Second Lives is an experimental shelter prototype assembled from interlocking plastic bottles that are intended for water supply in the event of a natural catastrophe. The installation is the product of an architecture design studio at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, which functioned as a collaborative design-built thinktank and research on disaster relief. The goal has been to use the patented interlocking bottles of Friendship Bottles LLC to construct and test prototypes for emergency shelters and transitional shelters for displaced populations under conditions of distress.

Design - A. Beres, B. Crawford, A. Esso, E. Freeman, R. Freeman, J. Laird, D. Lotz, C. Michelangelo, A. Padykula, R. Page, A. Ray, D. Ruan, E. Sulanowski, S. Warner

Critic - Lydia Kallipoliti

Collaborators - Mohammed Alnaggar, Tom Roland, Andreas Theodoridis

Sponsor - Friendship Bottles LLC

Press - The Architects Newspaper | Archinect | Arch@RPI | Inside Rensselaer | Science

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