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Fluidic Assimilation

Spring '16

Our project focuses on the integration of two different environments, namely one liquid, and the other solid. The major differences between these two programs afford us the opportunity to blur their boundaries. This was accomplished by having the aquarium flow throughout the entire building and not only determine the circulation, but also regulate the positioning of the housing. Since most housing projects are influenced by their inhabitants, we decided to allow the diverse aquatic life to determine the arrangement of our apartments. This was achieved by analyzing the different species we wanted to house, as well as what they would require in order to flourish.  Since a large jellyfish demands more space than a small clown fish, they would naturally utilize different tanks. These tanks, in turn, would act as spacers between the houses, assisting in the determination of the positioning of each apartment. In order to utilize a cohesive system, we continued the idea of interwoven tanks onto the site. After placing tanks all throughout the site, we permitted not only visitors but also passersby to experience the aquarium. The housing facilitates both students and families and introduces them into this environmental integration.  By mapping both the circulation of visitors and residents with the aquarium, the building completely mixes both the aquatic and real world.

Design - Bryce Crawford + Reed Freeman

Critic - Adam Dayem

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